What is the Best Laser for Scar Reduction?

When it comes to achieving a flawless complexion, there’s something that’s been holding you back: scarring.

Maybe it’s acne scarring from past breakouts, or perhaps it’s a large scar you received due to an injury or surgery. Either way, you don’t want your scar hanging around anymore. That’s why it’s time to learn the best laser for scar reduction, which is now available at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery in El Paso, TX.

The Best Laser for Scar Reduction

FDA-approved PicoSure is widely considered to be one of the best lasers for scar reduction. Here’s why: PicoSure uses laser energy to target pigment that’s different in color and texture from the rest of your complexion. As the laser light energy focuses on the pigment, it absorbs the light, eventually causing it to break down and fade away. Over time and with multiple treatments, the pigment is dissolved, leaving behind a smoother, clearer surface.

PicoSure laser treatments are best for red or purple scarring; it can also help fade older scars, but you may need more sessions in order to do so.

What to Expect From Your PicoSure Laser Treatment

Your PicoSure treatment will usually take about 30 minutes to perform. During the treatment, the laser heat energy will be focused on your targeted scar. PicoSure can be used on the face, neck, and chest, so it’s ideal for patients who want to treat newer scars at these locations.

After your PicoSure treatment, you’ll want to wear sunscreen to protect your newly sensitive skin. Most patients need about three to six treatments to fade the appearance of scarring; you may need more if your scar is older and/or larger.

Take the Next Step

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