Why is the Glidelift™ Better Than a Traditional Facelift?

Have at-home products or even in-office treatments stopped giving you the anti-aging results you want? It might be time to consider a facelift. At El Paso Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Sozer has developed an innovative facelift technique called a Glidelift™, which allows him to perform a deep plane facelift with fewer incisions.

What is a Facelift (Rhytidectomy)? 

Good skincare can delay signs of aging, but loose skin and deep wrinkles can only be treated with a surgical procedure. A facelift treats signs of aging by lifting and tightening the skin and underlying structures. This process, also called a rhytidectomy, smooths away lines and wrinkles, removes excess skin, and restores the natural contours of your face.

Why is the Glidelift™ Better Than a Traditional Facelift?

Dr. Sozer can perform various facelift techniques depending on your unique needs and goals, including a traditional facelift or a mini facelift. However, he has recently perfected an advanced technique that corrects even severe signs of aging with minimal scarring.

Dr. Sozer’s Glidelift™ is a deep plane facelift that releases and lifts underlying tissues for long-lasting, natural-looking results with only two tiny incisions hidden in the hairline. Using a surgical instrument called a light retractor, he can lift and illuminate the skin through a small incision within each side of the hairline.

After making another incision under the skin, he will be able to release the ligaments that are causing tension, allowing him to lift and tighten the foundational facial tissues. Unlike a traditional facelift, no skin is removed and no incisions are made in front of the ear, resulting in less visible scarring.

What is Recovery Like From a Glidelift™?

Your newly lifted and smoothed skin will be secured with a surgical net that holds it in place while the tissues heal. This net isn’t painful and will be removed two days after your surgery.

Some swelling, bruising, and soreness are normal after your facelift, and you should spend the week after your procedure resting and healing. Many people can return to work after one to two weeks. You can often resume your exercise routine after about a month. Swelling will decrease over the next few weeks, although it can take up to six months to resolve completely.

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What Results Will I See with a Glidelift™?

A Gliding Gace Lift offers the same benefits as a deep plane facelift, but with less visible scarring. Your facial tissues will be gently repositioned, lifting sagging skin and smoothing wrinkles. You can expect to look years younger, and rhytidectomy results can last ten to twenty years or even longer. 

Am I a Good Candidate for a Glidelift™? 

You may be a good candidate for Dr. Sozer’s Glidelift™ if you want to address moderate to severe signs of aging. Ideal candidates have no significant health problems and do not smoke. If you do smoke, you will need to stop before your facelift.

I had my procedure done with Dr. Sozer and I have to say, He is not only an amazing Doctor, but a great person! He is very patient and will answer all questions. The staff is also amazing. They take care of you very well. The entire process, from consult to aftercare is wonderful! Thank you Dr. Sozer and staff!!!! Would definitely recommend it!

*Individual results may vary.

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