Breast Reduction, Lift, and Augmentation: What are the Differences?

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Breast reduction, breast lift, and breast augmentation are three transformative procedures offered at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery. While all of these treatments target the breasts, they have subtle differences in terms of what they treat and who they’re made for. It’s essential to understand the nuances between each treatment before deciding which one may be right for you.

Aesthetic and/or Functional Goals

The best way to see how each treatment differs is to look at their goals. What will each procedure hope to achieve?

Breast Reduction

The goals of breast reduction surgery are mostly functional. This procedure will reduce the size of your breasts, making it easier for you to live your life. It can reduce back pain, improve breathing, and help you find clothes that fit. There is also a slight aesthetic element if you feel self-conscious about your large breasts and want them to look more natural. 

Breast Lift

With a breast lift, the goals are purely aesthetic. This treatment will lift up sagging breasts and provide more perkiness to them. Effectively, it aims to take years off your breasts and make you look more youthful.

Breast Augmentation

Often referred to as breast enlargement surgery, breast augmentation also offers more aesthetic goals. It involves enhancing the size of your breasts to make them look bigger. Implants are inserted depending on the size you want, and it makes your breasts look larger and more proportionate to your body. 


As you can see, each treatment offers something slightly different from the other. Thus, they target a range of clients based on your specific wants and desires:

Breast Reduction

A candidate for breast reduction surgery will typically have oversized breasts that cause them discomfort. Your breasts may weigh you down and create pain along your back and neck. You may also feel highly self-conscious about their size, wishing they were smaller.

Breast Lift

Breast lift candidates are usually slightly older women whose breasts have started to sag. Sagging breasts is normal as you age, and there’s not a lot you can do to prevent it. A breast lift is the best way to reverse the effects of gravity and make your breasts perkier. While sagging happens with age, women of all ages can still benefit from this treatment. 

Breast Augmentation

Usually, breast augmentation is reserved for candidates with small breasts. If you are unhappy with your size and want to make your breasts bigger, this is the ideal treatment to select. 

Can These Procedures Be Combined?

These procedures exist on their own, but they can be combined when necessary. It all depends on your needs as well as your anatomical structure. For instance, if you have overly large and saggy breasts, you may get the best results by combining breast reduction and breast lift surgery. The same goes for people with small breasts that want them to be bigger and perkier; you can have breast augmentation and a breast lift. It all depends on the individual, and the doctors at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery will help you figure out which treatments you need.

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