How Can I Reduce Pigmentation I Developed Over the Summer?

Autumn is officially here – and that means those long summer days are a thing of the past. What’s not of the past, however, are those annoying brown spots and patches that have started to appear on your skin ever since you fired up the grill during Memorial Day Weekend.

Fraxel Before and After El Paso Cosmetic Surgery

Think of pigmentation as your skin’s version of a hangover – brown spots, freckles, and other discolorations may not be as obvious during the summer, but they usually become very obvious during the cooler months. With holiday parties and events on the horizon, many people are looking to reduce pigmentation they developed over the summer.

If you count yourself among them, take a look at a procedure that can help reveal younger, more vibrant-looking skin: Fraxel laser skin resurfacing!

Fraxel is a revolutionary technology that uses a high-intensity carbon-dioxide laser to gently but effectively vaporize the top layer of skin tissue. This top layer is where all the damage from the past summer has accumulated, so it’s a perfect treatment for minimizing the appearance of hyperpigmentation. As an added bonus, Fraxel skin resurfacing can also be used to treat:

  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Acne scars
  • Age spots
  • And more!

Fraxel for hyperpigmentation and sun damage is pretty straightforward; most patients can expect to undergo 1 to 2 treatment sessions before seeing ideal results. Patients will need to wear sunscreen after their Fraxel treatments, as newly treated skin is especially prone to sunburn and additional damage.

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